(Work-in-progress… More websites to come.  As always, please feel free to make suggestions in the comment box!)

Want to read some news in Spanish or watch news videos in Spanish?  Below I’ve compiled a list of some of my frequented news websites.

El Mundo

El Mundo is a Spanish newspaper produced in Madrid.  You can read more about its formation and background here if you like.  There is also an RSS feed on my blog (to the right) from El Mundo that covers all of the breaking news in Spanish.  Click any of the links to be directed to the El Mundo website and read whichever article piques your interest.

El País

El País is a Spanish newspaper with its headquarters also being located in Madrid.  It is the most widely selling newspaper in Spain.  Read more information here or click the link above to check out the website.

Diario Vasco

Diario de Navarra

Noticias de Navarra

CNN México


Univision is actually a television network that is headquartered in New York City.  The prime audience of Univision is the Spanish-speaking population living within the United States.  The website has information over an abundance of topics ocurring in the US and Latin America.  Read more about Univision here.

BBC en Español


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