An excellent way to start learning new words in Spanish is to listen to music in Spanish.  I have organized some of the Spanish music that I enjoy listening to and have linked the song titles to YouTube videos if you’d like to listen to any of them.  Simply click on one of the artists below and it will take you to the page I’ve created for them.


Jesse y Joy

Nelly Furtado

More to come!

My suggestion is that you first listen to one of the songs to see if you enjoy the sound of the music.  If you like the sound, click on the link that says “Letras” and it will take you to the lyrics.  I suggest that you listen to the song while reading the lyrics and see what you can learn.  If you translate the lyrics and listen a few times to make sure you understand what is being said, each time you listen to the song you will be working on memorization.


11 Responses to Música

  1. futureexpat says:

    Any suggestions on artists that I should check out? Please comment and let me know! 😉

  2. Hey Leah,

    Good starter list. I’ve gotten really really into the Orishas. They’re Cuban Hip-Hop, although now they live abroad.


    • futureexpat says:

      Thanks Natalie! I look forward to having a little bit more free time to explore the Orishas 🙂 Hope all is well! Congrats!

  3. Gabriel Martinez says:

    Hola, creo que deberías considerar a algunos sudamericanos, te recomiendo mucho las bandas:
    Enanitos Verdes
    Soda Stereo
    La ley

    Gracias, buen blog!

  4. Gabriel Martinez says:

    Bien, tengo algunas ideas de canciones de estos grupos. Pienso que en general su pronunciación es clara también.
    * Soda Stereo (si pudieras encontrarlas en su versión acústica sería mucho mejor):
    Un misil en mi placard
    Té para tres
    Entre caníbales
    En la ciudad de la furia

    * Enanitos Verdes
    Sólo dame una oportunidad
    Mi primer día sin ti
    Luz de día

    * La ley
    El duelo
    Día cero

    Hielo en las rosas

    Enjoy them 😉

  5. futureexpat says:

    Gabe – Thanks for your suggestions 🙂 I really love learning about new music so thanks for helping me find some!

  6. Edgar says:

    There is one song that you should check out:

    Paco de Lucia: “Entre Dos aguas”.

    And all the spanish pop music ( from 80´s to 90,s). La movida madrileña is a good social movement to understand the spanish people after Franco´s time.

    I can send you a list of them

  7. Edgar says:

    Here you have some “Movida Madrileña” Songs:

    The “anthem” of the movida: “La chica de Ayer”–Nacha Pop
    “Para tí” –Paraiso
    “La estatua del Jardín botánico”– Radio Futura
    “Horror en el hipermercado”–Alaska y los pegamoides
    “Déjame”–Los secretos
    “Cuatro Rosas”–Gabinete Caligari
    “Escuela de calor”–Radio Futura

    This is only a few of them, if you like it tell me and I will recomend more.

    • futureexpat says:

      Ahah! Super recommendations! Mis preferidas: Horror en el Hipermercado, Déjame, y Escuela de Calor. 🙂 I did a small presentation over La Movida a few years ago and I find the movement extremely interesting. This music is great! I used some music from Alaska and Mecano for my presentation but so glad you introduced me to some more fun ones. Thanks!

  8. Edgar says:

    I´m happy to be useful for you 😉

    There is a book about la movida madrileña, is quite dificult to read because the autor explains The movida trough interviews with actors, singers, writers..but I think is the best book about that movement.

    “Sólo se vive una vez, la movida madrileña”– José Luis Gallero


  9. Edgar says:

    I have seen your twitter…..Fantastic Alaska´s video!!

    Imagine what the population , about 40-50 years old that had grown in Franco´s time, would think when they saw this video on the TV….

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