Humo Vs. Sudor

As you might already know, Pamplona and all of Spain recently passed a law that prohibits smoking in public places.  This law went into effect on the 2nd of January, 2011 and there was much skepticism about how the public would react.  In a previous post entitled, “Huele a Humo” I explained the law more in depth and also talked a little about my general curiosity concerning how Pamplona would respond to this change.

Ubicación de Vaiven

A week ago I decided to do some investigation in order to put my curiosity to rest.  I went with a couple of friends to one of the discotecas (dance clubs), Vaiven, in Pamplona in order to conduct some research.  What I found is that yes, indeed, people seem to be conforming to this new regulation and that no, the quantity of people in the club that night did not seem to be any less than during other previously conducted ‘essential research sessions’.  There was one point during the night that someone must have lit a cigarette.  The reason, either out of audacity or due to the effect of alcohol on the ability of the individual to remember that he or she can no longer smoke in a public place, I do not know.  Based on this night and the lone smoker witnessed, it seems as if Pamplona is adapting well to the change.

Do you live in Pamplona (or somewhere else in Spain)?  Did you have a different experience other than the one I’ve just shared?  Comment if you would like, I find it interesting to know how people are adapting to this change and the effect it’s having on the social life.


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One Response to Humo Vs. Sudor

  1. Steve says:

    I love Barcelona smoke free. So much less laundry to do. We were out in a bar the other night and it was busy as always, only no stink, just the sweet smell of my cocktail.

    Now I just have to get the same law passed in my own home 😦

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