When Spain wakes you might as well wake up and say “Buenos Días,” too.

The following is an early-morning rambling that I wrote before we had an Internet connection in our apartment and when it was still warm enough to leave the windows open overnight. I thought it relevant to post today because I seem to be finding myself grateful for siesta time lately.

As I’m sitting here in my bed at 6:54 am in Pamplona I’ve come to realize that if it’s anywhere near warm outside and you’re forced to leave your window open for the evening you better be prepared to take sleeping medication or just wake up when the rest of Spain does. Around 6:30 you hear everyone opening the shades on their windows and the sound is unmistakable; Spain is waking and you must too.

Café con Leche from San Sebastián

In Spain they certainly like their fiestas, which seem to be managed by the act of taking a siesta. For all of you that might not have heard about the infamous siesta, it’s a portion of time in the afternoon between 1 pm and 5 pm when people return to their homes, eat lunch, and then have a nap, or “siesta”. During this time you might as well decide that you have nothing to do because it’s nearly impossible anyway. There are few businesses that remain open so the best thing to do is join the locals and take a nap as well. If you were out late the night before (which is totally not an indication of the inspiration for this blog post…ahem) and the vecinos (neighbors) have so kindly woken you up at a brilliant time of 6:30 am then there’s little else you can do but wake up, have a café con leche in order to abrir los ojos, and then look forward to siesta time later in the day.


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Just a student with a zest for learning, currently studying abroad in Spain and here to share all of my experiences with you.
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One Response to When Spain wakes you might as well wake up and say “Buenos Días,” too.

  1. sarahdabomb says:

    I have totally embraced siestas here! Who says they are just for children? 😛

    Oh by the way, you must not be one of those people who can sleep through anything and everything…I have a gift. 🙂

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