Hand luggage and why you should make sure it’s not too big.

This post is to give a bit of advice from the “action” portion of my study abroad experience.  When packing your luggage it should be essential to ensure that your hand luggage does not exceed the size limit of the airline you are flying with. When I was preparing to board the plane in ICT I showed my boarding pass and passport to the woman at the gate and then tried to pass into the plane as I heard the dreaded phrase, “Ma’am, could you please make sure your bag meets the size regulation.”  I already knew that I had way too much… well, let’s just say “essential” things… packed into this carry-on bag.  It really was a feat of inhuman quality packing all of those things into that carry-on bag.  So, I turned around and looked at the metal frame that my carry-on bag needed to fit into.  There was absolutely no physical way that my bag was going to fit in there.  I also think there was probably no physical way that most people’s carry-on bags were going to fit in that thing either.  So, naturally, I tried desperately to stuff my bag into the frame but to no avail.  With a look of pity from the male flight attendant I knew that my precious personal hygiene products and all other things were not going to be within my immediate possession for the rest of the flights.  If I had been thinking properly I would have taken my power adapter, shampoo, toothbrush, and other essentials from my carry-on and put them into my backpack or purse.  Well, hindsight is valuable because even though I practically made the flight attendant promise me that my luggage would arrive safely in Bilbao it certainly didn’t arrive at the same time that I did – but that’s another story (read it here if you like).

My theory is that you either need to walk very quickly and keep your luggage out of sight of the attendants or just concede to pack less…  If you’d like to be on the safe side then check the regulations below to ensure that your carry-on luggage will conveniently stay in your possession.

American Airlines’ carry-on packing and luggage size regulations

If you’re flying with a different airline then consult their website because they could have different regulations than American Airlines.


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