“Travel is Fatal to Prejudice, Bigotry, and Narrow-mindedness”- Mark Twain

Study abroad will enlighten your mind, inspire your spirit, and enhance your career.

Gaudi's lizard in Park Güell, Barcelona.

There are so many reasons why one should consider studying abroad but one piece of information I found on vista wide’s website was a bit appalling.  The source for the information I am about to share with you can be found by clicking the link above.  I realize that this information was collected a few years back so I certainly hope that the percentages have changed since then.  According to vista wide’s site the US Senate reported in 2006, “87% of students in the United States between the ages of 18 and 24 cannot locate Iraq on a world map, 83% cannot find Afghanistan, 58% cannot find Japan, and 11% cannot even find the United States.”  Some of the previously represented individuals might wonder why it is important to know where these countries exist… to that, I answer with a Mark Twain quote:  “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.”

Please don’t assume that I am trying to say that all the people that are unaware of their global surroundings are prejudice, or intentionally ignorant individuals because that is not at all the case.  I simply hope that the education system continues to improve and those that are without knowledge are allowed the opportunity to learn.  If you are attending college at a university and are interested in broadening your horizons by studying abroad (which I can assure you will only be a good thing for you), please take a look at my previous posts and see what opportunities are out there for you.  My blog is directed at study abroad in Spain but there are so many other options and each culture and country is equally deserving of attention.  If you are under the impression that studying abroad is too expensive please explore all of your options.  There are so many opportunities available out there ranging from the most expensive program to the most affordable and absolutely all things can be done on a budget.

Next time I’ll bring you a bit of information on my latest podcast findings and other tips on how to improve your language learning before departing on the big journey!!


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Just a student with a zest for learning, currently studying abroad in Spain and here to share all of my experiences with you.
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2 Responses to “Travel is Fatal to Prejudice, Bigotry, and Narrow-mindedness”- Mark Twain

  1. Josh says:

    hey there, great post! wish i would’ve had a chance to study abroad while in college–but thankfully i allowed myself a good amount of time to travel after school (and certainly have no plans to stop traveling any time soon!).

  2. Anatol Kardiukov says:

    Welcome to the wonderful world of the US Education brought to you by the the Greedy Mafia of the unions that allows the incompetent teachers to remain in schools, that abhors reform, punishes performance, promotes mediocrity and fosters anti-Americanism. No country in the World (except, I believe, Lichtenstein) spends as much on education as the USA. But I am sure, Lichtenstein, has something to show for it.

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