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Beginning the application process is a very fun thing but also a bit overwhelming.  I invite you to read as I share about filling out the application and some of the difficulties this brought with it.

On the application I was required to list courses I intend to take at each different school I am applying to.  In order to find these courses I had to navigate the websites of the various schools in search of a course listing.  There are a few tips that I found on the ISEP website that really seemed to help out a bit.  Some people filling out this application might have a better command of the Spanish language than I do and therefore would not have any difficulty locating these courses.  However, since I only have an intermediate to advanced level of understanding it took a little bit of trial and error to locate courses.  Each website was different and provided a unique challenge.  I would just like to offer a bit of encouragement if you’re in this same situation.  Don’t feel discouraged if this task is hard for you because you’re traveling abroad to learn the language and your skills will improve.  See it as a challenge and a learning experience rather than a hindrance.  Below I’d like to list a few helpful hints so that this task might be a little easier for you.  I strongly encourage you to go out and look at the websites and navigate them yourself before seeking help from a native Spanish speaker or a professor.  I think doing this on your own can give you a new sense of independence and accomplishment.  I hope my tips might help a bit so the task isn’t so daunting.  Happy course hunting!!


You can find a helpful link to find course information on most ISEP member university’s pages.  There are a few that do not have a link for course info but merely have a link for the main website of the university.  For those lacking the course link you will have to do a little bit more work and attempt to find them on your own.  For example, this link will take you to the Universidad de Almería page and you will see a link for university’s website there.  Click on the link for UAL.  You might notice that this page has the option for English at the top.  This is a nice option but you will find that only certain things are translated into English and others are left in Spanish.  It is essential to know what you’re looking for in Spanish to be able to navigate these sites.  From the home page you want to look under Educación.  You are interested in the link that says Grados, 1 y 2 Siclo.  Click here and you will find different majors offered at this university.  A former ISEP student suggested to me that I take “elective” classes which are called asignaturas de libre elección.  Many of these classes are like pre-requisite classes.  To find these classes on this website you need to click on a major that you’re interested in.  For example, I clicked on Licenciado en Humanidades because it seemed like a general topic that would surely have some courses that interested me.  From that page, you can click on the link for Asignaturas (subjects) found to the right.  Here you have a listing of courses for the Humanities major along with the course code that will need to be placed on your ISEP application.

This process can be overwhelming if you don’t allow yourself enough time to navigate the websites and really find what you’re needing.  Allow more than adequate time to look for the courses.  I suggest doing this first yourself and then if you still need assistance ask a professor or someone proficient in the language to help you.  Remember, each website is different and consequently there will be a different way of finding the information you’re seeking.

It is also important to note that you will need to talk with a professor to ensure that the courses you will be taking while abroad will transfer for credit at your home university if this is what you desire.

ISEP provides a helpful tips document to help you find courses at member universities.  This document can be found on any of the ISEP member university’s pages as a PDF file.  I recommend printing it off and referring to it as you go course hunting.

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Just a student with a zest for learning, currently studying abroad in Spain and here to share all of my experiences with you.
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  1. Juan Pablo Quijada says:

    hola…estoy aprendiendo ingles y me encanta a la vez enseñar español a quienes lo necesitan y les gusta el idioma…espero poder aprender de ti…

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