Choosing the “right” place to call home for a year.

After deciding that I wanted to study in Spain, I began looking at different organizations and programs for study abroad.  There are many different programs available and certainly a program that offers a scholarship is most ideal.  I looked into Rotary study abroad opportunities and also the Fulbright program among countless other websites but found ISEP to be my best option.  ISEP stands for International Student Exchange Program.  There are several universities in the US that are ISEP member universities which means students from a member university in the US can pay the tuition and room & board fees from their home institution and study abroad at no additional cost (excluding airfare).  Because I attend a very affordable university in the US this option is the most economical option for me.  The cost of your home university’s tuition and room and board will cover your tuition, living expense (such as rent and utilities) and cost of food.  The housing accommodations differ from institution to institution so it would be best to consult the ISEP website by clicking on the link above or to the right in the helpful websites location to determine the accommodations for different universities.  Some universities have dorm rooms like most campuses here in the US, however other universities assist students in finding an apartment.  The students housed in apartments typically share the apartment with other study abroad students and then receive a meal stipend to cover the cost of food.

So, needless to say, I have spent a lot of time the last few months researching different ISEP member universities in Spain and trying to decide which one would be the right fit for me.

Currently at the top of my list is the Universidad Pública de Navarra which is in Pamplona, Spain.



I think this university will be a good fit for me because it offers one Spanish language course for non-native speakers each semester at no extra cost.  I have heard nothing but excellent things about the educational opportunities at this university and the ISEP coordination here.  I am also drawn to this university because its prime location in Northeastern Spain allows for great travel opportunities.  Pamplona is about a 6 hour bus ride from Barcelona and about 5 from Madrid.  It will be very easy to take weekend trips to both locations.  In addition to the well-known cities there are other smaller cities around Pamplona that look like excellent places to visit.

San Sebastián's beautiful beach.

San Sebastián's beautiful beach.

San Sebastián is a beautiful little beach town that is less than a two hour bus or train ride from Pamplona.

Next on my list are the universities of Vigo, Murcia, and Málaga.  I plan to list all of the universities in Spain on my application to ensure placement in Spain.  Each of the Spanish universities  that are ISEP members require that students wanting to do ISEP exchange (ISEP exchange allows you to pay your home institutions fees) have completed the equivalent of 6 semesters of college level Spanish courses.  You list your preferred universities in order (1 being most preferred and 10 being your last resort) and ISEP will try to place you at the university of your choice.

COMING SOON:  More information about Vigo, Murcia, Málaga, and other universities and their towns in Spain.

If you would like to see if your university is an ISEP member click here.

Thanks for reading!!

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One Response to Choosing the “right” place to call home for a year.

  1. Luis says:

    Hello! I arrived to your blog by searching information about ISEP. I’m Spanish from Murcia and I’m looking forward to do a master degree in computer science in the States. I don’t even know wich university choose, everything is so messy…
    nice blog!

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