Planning Ahead

Yesterday I got my first guide book for Spain in the mail.  I’m going to use it to hopefully plan some trips before I leave so that I will already have an idea of where and when I would like to travel in Spain.  I bought it from for 25 cents (plus shipping around $3)!  It would have originally cost me around $21.  I would totally advise buying guidebooks from
The one I purchased was from Rick Steve’s line of guidebooks.  Of all the guidebooks I’ve seen so far I believe I have gotten the most use from the eyewitness accounts version.  I own one of those books for the country of Italy and have found it very resourceful and easy to understand.  I plan to purchase an eyewitness account book for Spain when the newest one is out.

I am very very excited to start planning places to visit.  I will blog about different things I find interesting while I do my research!


About futureexpat

Just a student with a zest for learning, currently studying abroad in Spain and here to share all of my experiences with you.
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2 Responses to Planning Ahead

  1. Britt says:

    I definitely need to get a few travel books to look over before I leave for London! The internet is great, but it’s not the same as holding a book!

  2. futureexpat says:

    I agree Britt 🙂 Books are very helpful… I read on someone’s blog that they bought a guidebook and ripped out the pages of the places they were planning to visit so as not to cart the whole book around on weekend trips and such. Kind of an interesting tip but I don’t know if I would want to rip up my book like that 🙂 I hope you’re having fun planning!!

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